Yoga: Weight Loss through the Attainment of Spiritual and Physical Health

Yoga: Weight Loss through the Attainment of Spiritual and Physical Health

Yoga is an ancient teaching, which includes mental, physical and spiritual practices. The use of yoga for weight loss is effective because its impact on the organism is many-sided.

What can yoga make for weight loss?

Overweight is usually a result of several factors. Yoga helps to cope with three of them.

• First, it helps to get exercise, which is essential in burning calories.
• Secondly, it increases metabolism.
• Thirdly, yoga allows you to attain good habits in nutrition.

How can yoga increase metabolism?

The yoga complex for weight loss consists of special exercises, which are called shatkarmas. They are cathartic, and allow getting the maximum amount of oxygen in the body. Learning how to breathe correctly during training, you do it in everyday life.

Yoga involves all muscle groups. For example, the gluteal muscles are more elastic after a few months of training – and this is the muscle group, which is quite difficult to influence.
For everyone there is an individual exercise program, depending on the existing problems.
Fat disappears in the problem areas, the muscles become relief, joint mobility improves, it gains flexibility and agility. At the same time, replacing some strength exercises with stretching exercises you can slow down muscle growth.

An integral element of yoga for weight loss is a proper diet.

It is amazing that this usually does not require dealing with any conscious effort: you just do not want any harmful food any more.

How to choose yoga exercises for weight loss?

Yoga was not created as exercises for weight loss, but as a system of physical exercises to stay fit and in good shape. At the same time, motor activity, which are accompanied by classes inevitably leads to the loss of extra pounds.

Yoga has a huge amount of exercises today. Which ones to choose so that the process of losing weight could be more effective?

• If you want to get good shape as quickly as possible, workout needs to be rigid enough.
• If you have health problems, it is necessary to find easier and more gentle exercises.
• Including classes in strength training, you can not only lose weight but also build muscles.
• Using stretching exercises you shouldn’t worry about the growth of the muscle mass.
• After training you shouldn’t get any pain except for muscle ache, which is removed with a hot bath. Pain indicates that you do exercises incorrectly.

Physical activities in yoga

Physical activities in yoga

In contrast to the classical aerobic exercise or strength training in the gym yoga provides a comprehensive load on the body. It is based on isometric training, so the muscles of the body tense up, but without substantially changing their length and movements in the joints. The exercises in yoga are combined with special breathing techniques that can speed up the metabolism in the body.

There are many varieties of yoga. There are classic gymnastics submitted by Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga. As a result of adaptation of these complexes and their partial dilution with modern training Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga appeared. They are the most effective types of workouts for weight loss.

Ashtanga yoga is the most dynamic kind of yoga. It is recommended for people with good physical shape. Asanas in it are changing quickly and in a clear sequence. The first complex is represented by 90 positions, in which it is necessary to refrain from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. About 70% of the exercises are static, the other ones are dynamic.

In power yoga asanas of Ashtanga yoga are combined with aerobics. Instead of pauses between them there are breathing and stretching exercises required to remove lactic acid from the muscles. Using power yoga you can get rid of some extra weight and increase muscle mass. Power yoga can be chosen even by people who had no experience in training.

Bikram yoga is an exotic variety of yoga classes which requires the simulation of climatic conditions of India. In the room where classes are held the temperature must be over 40 degrees and humidity not below 40%. The training contributes to the active secretion of sweat, when the body gets rid of excess moisture and toxins. It is believed that Bikram yoga is the best option for fat burning.

Yoga for weight loss – how to do?

Yoga exercises for weight loss are performed several times a week (at least 3-4). Those who do not have an opportunity to train with a coach can do yoga at home, for example, after watching a complex of exercises on the Internet.

The main disadvantage of home-yoga for weight loss is that their efficiency can be much lower compared with classes with a coach. The trainer can provide professional assistance in selecting the type of yoga, asanas and loads, acceptable to the state of your organism. That’s why experts recommend at least basic yoga movements to develop under the guidance of a mentor, visiting a yoga centre at least for the first three months, and then you can do it at home by yourself.

There are a few general rules that you should follow when practicing yoga:

– before beginning, be sure to ventilate the room;
– the best time to practice is early morning or the hours before bedtime;
– you should breathe only through the nose;
– do the exercises only after 3 hours or more after eating to have an empty stomach;
– the exercises should conform to the principle “from simple to complex”.

Yoga for weight loss can be included in the set of exercises of more active sports: jogging, step aerobics, swimming and dancing. However, starting to do yoga to lose weight, do not constantly think about weight loss. The main value of yoga lies in attaining spiritual and physical health. If you stick to this goal, yoga for weight loss will bring you the reward of a beautiful body, great feeling and a positive view of the world.