What is losing weight: health, beauty, energy and wide smile!

What is losing weight: health, beauty, energy and wide smile!

Only lazy did not say a word about such a serious problem of modern society called Obesity. Who are the “customers” of this modern disease? First – those who are trying to earn all the money in the world, hardworking in 24-7 regime, and have already forgot about a normal diet and common lifestyle. They are fast food victims. Another category – people used to seize any stress.

There is a third category – children, their consciousness is so easy to manipulate. As a result there are stolen health, energy lack, extra weight and depression. How’s about stop feeling sorry about yourself and start to return back shape, health and wide smile by losing weight?

Mums and Dads, beware of Kid’s obesity

“Adult” diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high level of bad cholesterol can develop children’s obesity.

Fortunately, children’s return to a normal weight ensures rapid normalization of blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels.

Scientists have found that viewing evening ADs (especially after 21:00) leads to children obesity. Young men gaze at the advertised beautiful and harmful products, and of course want to buy and consume them. By the way, today the UK bans the advertising of unhealthy foods during the broadcast of programs that children watch – good idea, isn’t it!


Modernity has extra weight

The abundance of fast food restaurants turn to be a serious problem in developed countries.

To almost countless health troubles being brought by excess kilograms, you can add one more – increasing forgetfulness – scientists have already proven that fact. Spanish scientists of the Granada University have proved a curious fact. Mobile phone charges may slow down the metabolic processes in the human body. According to their data, health problems appear because of blue glow in a dark room during the device charging. This light has negative impact. And your sleep is damaged.

Just do not let yourself have an extra weight if you want to live longer! Think about whether or not to eat an extra piece of cake or bread and butter just because it has an incredible taste?

Pleasure is fleeting, but you won’t be pleased with the consequences. You’d better take an apple or orange and let your life be healthy!

You’d better take an apple or orange and let your life be healthy

Obesity – the main threats

Fat people are usually some kind of outcasts of healthy society where wellness and athletic bodies are in favor. These people have low self-esteem. They are prone to depression. But the consequences can be worse.

  1. Obesity makes breathing a difficult job. On average, 70% of stout people have sleep apnea syndrome (repeated cessation of breathing during sleep). Almost always they observed snoring, as well as fatigue and different heart pains – it’s a result of having excess weight.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Insulin-independent diabetes.
  4. Hormonal disorders, women’s menstrual disorders and infertility.
  5. Gallbladder diseases.
  6. Cancer of the colon, rectum, gall bladder and pancreas, cancer of the liver and kidneys. Women’s breast cancer, prostate cancer (men)
  7. Backaches.
  8. Arthritis.


This is not the longest list of the excess weight consequences, but isn’t it pretty scary? Is it enough for your motivation to lose weight? Let’s measure the body mass index and see whether it is necessary or not!

If it’s time to act – get down to yourself, do not let the diseases progress and steal your healthy life!



It’s a nice day to start losing weight naturally! You’ll do your best following these rules:

  1. Eliminate simple carbs – white bread, pasta, fatty cakes, etc.
  2. Walk in the fresh air, breathe deeply.
  3. Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Your meals represent 5-6 small servings per day.
  5. Do not fry, use grill.
  6. Prefer simple food, lots of season vegetables.
  7. Careful with fruits – they have lots of sugar.
  8. No sodas, only pure water.
  9. Once a week (no more!) you can arrange a fasting day – only apples, cucumbers, kefir or yogurt.


Excellent “spell” about 8 glasses of water a day

Excellent «spell» about 8 glasses of water a day

You need to lose weight naturally and water is your savior! But what if you hate to drink pure water? Hang on your fridge a list of advantages! Water:

  • Speeds up the metabolism;
  • Improves the tone of the body;
  • Helps to eliminate toxins;
  • Reduces the cancer risk;
  • Improves digestion, well-being and health.


And you are not to pay for this 0-calories wonder. Not bad, right?


Girls often ask – how can I lose weight naturally and fast? Fast is impossible task! It’s unacceptable to use less than 1200 calories per day at any circumstances! Otherwise, the body will switch on the “emergency” mode and start to survive. What does it mean? Some organs can just stop working…

In any case, remember that slender men are more agile and have more life opportunities than stout. But today we are the victims of glossy magazines; we are deceived by Photoshop program. What we see is not really the truth!

We remember that during the pursuit of grace it’s necessary to stop in time and not bring ourselves to exhaustion trying to reach the “perfect body”. While searching the health there is a risk to lose it, to get the diseases.

Start to lose weight easily and slowly, don’t forget that health is so hard to restore – sometimes it’s impossible to get it back!