My Experience: How I Lost 50 Kilos in 9 Months

My Experience: How I Lost 50 Kilos in 9 Months

I started gaining weight after the birth of my third child and it seemed that I just couldn’t control the process. As a result, when I celebrated my 40th birthday, my weight was over 100 kilos.

I tried all sorts of diets, but they were not working for me. Exercising wasn’t helpful either, considering that my weight didn’t dispose to doing sports. I had serious health problems due to my obesity, including dyspnea and high blood pressure. I had never worked in my life, devoting all my time to raising children and housekeeping. But my kids grew up, I could hardly do the house chores and my relations with my husband were far from being warm. I felt so depressed most of the time spending all my time on a sofa in front of the TV.

But one day I decided to get in touch with an old friend of mine, who, as I knew, had just lost a lot of weight. She was very enthusiastic and eager to help. She said that she had visited many dietitians and had worked out her own weight loss plan. She emailed me its description and attached a detailed menu the first three weeks of my diet. This plan helped me to lose more than 50 kilos in 9 months.

My weight loss plan

Here are the steps I took following the advice of my friend.

I excluded sweets, fattening, and high-carb foods. I stopped eating bread and bakery, fatty meat, butter, pasta and other products of that kind. As for the sweets, I allowed myself only a small piece of dark chocolate.

I divided my daily ration into 5 meals, each consisting of a very small portion. My first meal was at 8 am and the last one at 8 pm. So, I ate every three hours. During the first few weeks, I needed to set up a reminder on my cell phone not to miss the time. After some time I got used to the schedule and now it is the most natural meal plan for me.

I started drinking 2 liters of water per day. My friend had warned me that drinking a lot of pure water was crucial for losing weight. Firstly, because it would boost my metabolism. Secondly, because water would substitute other drinks, which were richer in calories. I drank water half an hour before or an hour after each meal. Initially, I also needed a reminder, but then I felt that drinking 2 liters of water became a necessity for me.

I excluded salt. One thing I had to do was to exclude salt. It was very hard for me because I loved salted foods and pickles. But I was determined to change my lifestyle and I this was the price I had to pay. I significantly cut down on salt using it very seldom and in micro doses. I did not even try the food I would prepare for the rest of the family, but I managed, thanks to my long-term experience in cooking.

I walked a lot. It took me a while before I was able to go to the gym and do real exercising, but I started walking a lot from the very beginning. The first day I walked 2 kilometers and it became the average distance of my everyday promenades. Three months later I signed up for the  gym and started regular workouts at home, but I still try to walk whenever I can.

I bought myself a steam cooker. The healthiest products will become detrimental if you roast them in oil or grease. So now I stew my food, bake it in the oven, or use the steam cooker.

I had ‘fasting days’. I am not a great fan of mono diets, but I think the approach is perfect for the so-called ‘fasting days’. I would organize such a day once in two weeks eating only pineapples during all meals.

I visited the sauna. Once in 10 days I would go to the sauna for an hour or two because sweating also helps lose weight. I also applied special body wraps there to get rid of cellulite and sagging skin.

My progress

My Experience How I Lost 50 Kilos in 9 Months

Due to my new lifestyle, I started losing weight very quickly and the process never reversed. There were days when I would lose up to 500 grams, but, as a rule, I would lose 50-200g per day.

Final results

At some point, my weight just stopped going down and I knew it was my weight plateau. I kept exercising and following my new eating habits and after some time the process resumed, though the pace of weight losing significantly decreased.

As I said, altogether, I lost 50 kilos. Now my weight fluctuates within certain limits. I do gain some weight if I allow myself cakes or sweets (which happens very seldom) or don’t exercise for several days but it goes down very easily.

Some people think that losing so much weight required a huge effort on my part, but it is not true. I can’t say that it was too easy, but it wasn’t hard either. It took me some time to adapt to a new meal plan as well as drinking a lot of water. But all the rest went really smoothly. I am not on a diet actually. I eat low-fat sorts of meat, fish, and dairy products and of course, lots of vegetables and fruit. As for the carbs I try to eat minimal quantities of them, preferring the whole- grain products.

I feel myself much better than I used to. I don’t suffer from high blood pressure anymore.

It seems that all the kilos I used to have in my body conserved my energy and now as I released it, I feel so almighty and full of new ideas and projects.