How To Maintain Weight Loss And Stay Healthy

So you have finally lost all that excess fat from you body, especially those legs and have reached your weight loss goals but perhaps you have been in this position many times before and you just end up going to back to your old habits of eating junk foods and lacking in exercise…only to end up going back to your old unwanted fat self.

Well you might want to know how to maintain the weight that you have worked so hard to lose in the first place. Well I can tell you that if you implement some simple steps and a little self discipline then there is no reason why you can’t maintain the weight loss and look great all through the year.

Take Charge

You need to make sure that you really plan out the exercise that you need to be doing in advance. Its as important if not more important that the actual exercise itself …. because with out a real plan you are just going to get lazy and stop. Why stress yourself out with everything that you have to keep in mind from what to eat, how often to eat, what exercises to complete and when you need to do them. You can make things a lot simpler by just writing everything down and referring to your plan when needed. Very important step if you want to maintain the weight loss for life.

Keep Your Activity Levels Up

Once you reach a level where your fitness has improved drastically and you have a lot more lean muscle mass on your body you need to make sure that you keep your exercise regime fast paced and different. The reason being is that if you do the same exercises again and again you are just going to hit a plateau…. causing you to stop seeing results which can be discouraging and often cause you to quit. The key to maintaining your weight loss is to keep your body guessing.

All the fitness experts and gurus agree that mixing an exercise regime that is full of strength training exercises and cardio is going to give you the best results in maintaining a healthy weight that you love. Yoga is great for those of you that want to combat the stresses of a hard workout. Also keep in mind that you should never workout the same body area for more than two days in a row simply because you are going to overtrain it and possibly cause injury.

If you are an extremely busy person running around from one activity to the next, then you should really consider to increase the intensity of your workouts so that you can get the same done in less time. If you sometimes lack the motivation to workout try to get other members of your family involved to help you all stay fit and healthy.

Get Technical

Be extremely in regards to the number of calories that you ingest. Science tells us that the only way to lose weight on a daily basis is to lose more calories that you take in. For this you are going to have to develop some serious self discipline, especially those time when you are stressed out from everyday events. A great way to make sure that you stay on track is to keep a food journal recording every single thing that you eat.

Get Your Juice

If you find it hard to get in the daily requirements of fruit and vegetables then you are going to have to invest in a really good juicer and begin to drink all the extremely nutritious vitamins. By drinking all these nutrients you’re going to be able to get in the same servings per day without all the hassle of chewing. This will also be a great way to control your cravings and main your healthy weight!

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