How Losing Weight Will Improve Your Sex Life

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You really don’t have to look around far to know why losing weight is really beneficial for you. It drastically improves your confidence, and self esteem while at the same time increases your stamina and reduces the chance that you will get any horrific disease. But let me tell you one of the best reasons for losing weight …… thats right, it will drastically improve your sex life, especially for you guys out there.

There was a recent study carried out in Australia where they placed 31 diabetic and morbidly obese people on a diet and then at the same time measured their sex life before and after the diet change. What the results showed was truly amazing in that reducing their weight by just 5 % resulted in these men having an increase in sexual desire.

Not only this but these men were less prone to problems with erectile dysfunction and so its great to know that not only is losing weight helpful to you guys having more sex but at the same time you won’t have to pop a pill every time you want to do it.

The study also showed that these same men showed a significant improvement to problems that they had previously with their urinary tract. Of course this is great news because issues like these can cause serious complications later on in life, things that nobody wants to deal with.

Aside from the great studies that have been carried out like above, there are many reasons that a person who is overweight should lose weight. Of course research done into natural selection dictates that those couples that are fitter are more likely to to mate and are obviously going to be attracted to each other. Most people are generally attracted to other fit human beings.

The reason being that naturally as men they feel that women who are fit are more likely to produce healthy offspring and the same goes for us women we generally feel that fit men will be able to protect us and provide for us better. This of course is going to lead to more sex, which is often what we humans desire anyway!

Another thing about weight loss is that its an extremely attractive personality trait to show off to potential partners and it tells a lot about that person in that they are willing to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Weight loss is an extremely difficult thing to achieve and if you can show people that you are the kind of person that is willing to set a goals and do what it takes to reach it then you are going to be very well admired!

To sum it all up I can say that losing weight massively improves your self esteem. Mine actually went through the roof. My confidence literally went spiraling and again this caused a massive gain to my sex life. More confidence can definitely equal to more sex!

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