Lose weight really in a week

Lose weight really in a week

The problem of getting rid of excess weight was never a problem. Reasons for rapidly losing weight may be many, for example:

  • Wedding
  • Summer vacations
  • Trip to the sea
  • Anniversary
  • First date

To lose weight really in a week is absolutely possible, with the help of some restrictions and physical exercises. However one should not forget that, besides attaining a slim and attractive figure due to strict diet restrictions, you may get some unwanted unpleasant ailments also.

That’s why the way by really losing weight in a week, should be always consulted with a specialist beforehand. The doctor or consultant conducts the required investigations and suggests you the maximum and safest diet options.

What has to be considered when choosing a method for rapid weight loss?

To get rid of excess weight one has to first of all, force the organism to spend its reserves. This is possible only by observing and maintaining a strict diet regime and starving. It should also be kept in mind that, besides fat reserves, the body also loses vitamins, micro & macro elements and water.

At the stage when there’s a sharp limitation of food intake, the brain is compelled to give signals for economical regime. The metabolism rate slows down, blood pressure goes low and the person might feel weakness & drowsiness.

Lack of vital components give a negative impact on the internal systems of the organism, and the first signs are shown on the skin. There’s hardly any lady, who wants to look young and attractive at the cost of her aging factor i.e. looking 40 at the age of 30.

The main problem arises when after the end of the diet restrictions and on receiving normal nutrition, the brain remembering the hunger days, starts sending signals for replenishments of wasted stock.

This means that, the person who has lost his excess weight may regain it or become fatter.

To avoid this you should choose such food products which can supply necessary vitamins, minerals, micro elements and required amount of energy, but under any case should not provide nutrition for fat cells. It is also important to calculate the physical activity, because without physical exercises it’s very difficult to cope with the fat reserves.

It is also important to establish the reason for the presence of excess weight. It may be due to unbalanced diet, fatty and oily food, sugar, habit of overeating, or as seen frequently in persons suffering from endocrine ailments and hormonal disorders. This can be examined only by a specialist, so really losing weight in a week is not possible without a doctor’s consultation.

Lose weight really in a week

Benefits and characteristics of buckwheat diet

Nutritionists have a negative attitude towards almost all strict diets, single diet regimes and starving to lose weight, but there’s one product which is strongly recommended by doctors for the normalization of weight, that is “Buckwheat”. This buckwheat is a unique cereal having extraordinary qualities and is incomparable with any other food product.

If all the components and quantitative ratio of buckwheat is considered together, then we can say that it’s a perfect balanced cereal full of all the useful components. All the needed essential elements not only for normal daily routine, but also for the treatment of many diseases, whether it’s inflammation of the digestive tract or treating of some carcinogenic tumors, are present in buckwheat.

In buckwheat there’s sufficient amount of components to provide adequate energy, without adding excess fat to the human organism.

Benefits of buckwheat

  1. Unlike other kinds of grains, the buckwheat contains minimal amount of carbohydrates, most of which are in complex form, so there’s no sign of accumulation in the adipose tissues.
  2. The protein composition of buckwheat is similar to the protein we get from meat products. Hence it is a nice replacement for poultry and other meat products.
  3. In this cereal there are certain amino acids which are rarely found in other grains. These are linoleic acid (omega-6) and omega -3 which actively takes part in disintegration of fat cells.
  4. The vitamin group in buckwheat consists mainly from” B” group. These are B1- Thiamine, B2- Riboflavin, B6- Pyridoxine, B12- Cyanocobalamin, B9- Folic acid. Besides these vitamin PP-Niacin and vitamin P- rutin or medically known as “Bioflavonoid” are also present, which help in restoring elasticity and vascular permeability. These vitamins also have anti- bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. The high iron content, potassium, calcium and other minerals increase the hemoglobin. This helps the heart muscles function properly.

An important thing of buckwheat porridge is, that is never becomes boring because of its incredible taste. It’s a perfect cereal for really losing weight in a week.

Physical exercises

One more thing is very important without which one cannot lose weight rapidly is regular physical exercise. A doctor or a physio-therapist can choose the correct method & exercises for you, depending upon the body form and condition. By regularly performing physical exercises, you not only shed your excess weight, but spend unwanted calories also.

By introducing buckwheat in your daily menu and doing exercises you can really lose weight in a week without causing any harm to your organism.

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  1. Diet is key to weight loss… 80% diet, 20% exercise, that’s the general rule of thumb in terms of importance. Most people work their butts off in the gym but make poor diet choices so they struggle to see results…

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