How not to become the Goddess of Ghosts or what are the fastest ways to lose weight without danger

How not to become the Goddess of Ghosts or what are the fastest ways to lose weight without danger

Just imagine – there will be a great party in a couple of weeks or that nice guy has finally invited you on a date! And your belly and legs are not ok… If you decided to lose weight as fast as it possible, you must know – it can take at least a week. Remember that slender girls who do not fall from hunger only when hold on to something, cause pities, not the interest – it is a proven fact. The main goal in weight loss is not to destroy your health and brain getting back into shape.

Don’t let Skeletons rule your world!

Why some female obsessive try to lose the last roundness, hoping to put on skinny jeans of the 12-year-old daughter? This is a dangerous game, bordering on madness and mania. Stop immediately! But if after the winter you have a rounded belly, legs and stouter cheeks – that is no reason for panic, the energy reserves accumulating is natural body reaction to cold. There are many easy ways to say goodbye to excess 5-7 pounds in a short time, but plenty of them are dangerous. Here are those that can be used by most of us without destroying our brains. So there you go!

Diet and exercises

All weight loss programs have one old simple secret – to combine a proper and healthy diet with an exercise regime, so you’d better ask for a short vacation! If it is impossible – do visit the Gym after work and on weekends.

Don’t think if you will skip meals your weight won’t return! It will and brings a couple of extra hated pounds. Our body is afraid of starving and will try to use every food item for reserve. Always eat at regular times. Yes it is dull, but effective.

Never fall down to diet pills and don’t use advertisement advices coming across on TV and the Internet.

Some tricks for you to become slimmer and to feel yourself satisfied

How not to become the Goddess of Ghosts or what are the fastest ways to lose weight without danger

We are all waiting for a fulminate result, but it is the dead duck to try to lose 4 pounds in 2 days. The water will leave the body, but not a fat. So be patient, keep calm and be surprised of how easy and delicious some of these tips are to follow.

Remember – weight loss is not a way of ruining your life; it must be a method to get extra health!

1. Try to choose friendly alcohols if visiting pub can’t be avoided – red or white dry wine. Diet soda will be ok.

2. Catch any opportunity and go for a walk (during the dinner at work or in the evening with your husband) – try not to drive a car. Or choose bike. Movement is the optimal way to improve your body! You can choose running or jogging if your doctor doesn’t mind.

3. 16-hour starving. It is the way to dry your body. The trick is not to eat during 16 hours. For example your dinner is at 8 PM, so the next meal must be not earlier than at 12:05 PM the next day.

4. A glass of cold water will burn 100 calories

5. Forget about Ladie’s Charms and always have a rich breakfast (eggs are your friends). But your meal after 7 PM must be poor and consist of vegetables, fresh fruit or cup of yogurt.

6. Watch upon every piece going to your mouth – maybe you are just thirsty, not hungry? So – think before you eat.

7. Once a week you must have fun – a slice of pizza or a little piece of dark chocolate. You are to please yourself!

8. Your should have your meal every 4-5 hours, and the portion must me your palm-sized. Forget about stealthily snacks – a piece of chocolate, a little cake or mixed nuts. It can add about 500 extra calories a day.

9. White bread, pasta (not wholewheat) and potatoes (especially crispy fried) are not your friends when you are on diet. The low carb diet really works.

Extremely effective 7-days diet to lose 5-7 pounds

The first day – Monday – you eat only fresh fruits. Tuesday is the day of vegetables. Use a bit of red hot pepper if your stomach lets you do it. Third day consists of fruits and vegetables. On the fourth day – you can enjoy bananas and milk. Friday will bring you tomatoes, and Saturday – a cup of rice. Isn’t it tasty? No? The diet finishes on day seven which includes only fruit and vegetable juice. Say goodbye to 5-7 pounds and immediately go back to ordinary diet regime without any extras!

Every diet is a stress. That’s why you should delete everything annoying you when you losing weight. Be healthy and love yourself, people and every moment of your life, which is really wonderful!