Healthy and Fun: 10+ Weight Loss New Ideas

Healthy and Fun: 10+ Weight Loss New Ideas

Losing weight can be a challenging process that requires total dedication and huge motivation. At times it may be frustrating and one feels like none of these old losing weight strategies will ever work. But hold on and cheer up: try some of these weight loss new ideas that are really fun and totally doable! And what is more important, they are completely healthy and will boost your mood and spirit!

Indulge Yourself

You shudder at the thought of unappetizing “healthy food”? You have this mental image of boiled spinach or unsalted rice bowl in your head? But in fact there are lots of delicious diet products which you will love: shiny apple, crispy cereal, cold yummy yoghurt, etc. Add more of these products to your grocery list – and find pleasure in your diet! Always have some of these within arm’s reach as a healthy low-calorie snack.

Fair Compensation

Too often a diet feels like deprivation and that makes one’s mind rebel. That is why we absolutely need compensation for this “loss”! Think of some fun activity to do instead of eating like going to the movies or finally getting to read a book. Or buy something you thought you could not afford like a chic new dress to fit your new slimmer body!

Hydration is the key

Water is life. Most people don’t realize that they are not getting enough water while in fact your body is dehydrated. Though we daily take in fluids like coffee, tea or juice, we still need clear water. Water literally cleanses all the body cells and helps wash out the toxins and fat! Always keep a bottle of drinking water at hand and have a sip whenever possible even if you do not feel like it. Look at water as a cheap and super balanced snack that helps keep your mouth busy before you stuff in some calorie bomb!

Eat Chocolate

Yes, it is a positive, affirmative, ecstatic “Yes!” Astronauts and polar scientists are allowed to eat chocolate, why do we have to deny ourselves of such low-fat high-energy pleasure? Only make sure that it is a bitter dark chocolate and doesn’t contain additional sugar. By the way, cocoa beans are an excellent snack to graze between meals.

Don’t Fight Food Cravings

Redirect you mind instead. If you feel a hunger fit is approaching, try to distract your mind from it: make a phone call, check your e-mail, write a to-do list for your friend’s party, go out and talk to someone, etc. Cravings don’t last more than 4-6 minutes, if you succeed in concentrating on something other than food, your hunger will be stilled.

Big Breakfast

A simple rule for the balanced eating during the day is “Big breakfast, light dinner”. Plan your meals in advance so that the a.m. meals have most nutritional value and most calories. Save up some healthy snack for the evening hours and, if possible, go to bed early.

Let it be light

You don’t have to give up on your favorite food, instead try to switch to the reduced-calorie versions of meals. For example, whole wheat dough pizza with chicken instead of ham, extra veggies and low-fat cheese will taste as good and will keep your hunger away for longer time!

Join a weight loss challenge

Join a weight loss challenge

It is a superb weight loss idea for those who need competition. There are some great opportunities online where you can bet on yourself to lose certain amount of your today’s weight by the end of the month (or 6 months). Or it can be an offline challenge between you and your friends. Win some cash by living healthy!

Do something crazy!

The fact is all bad eating habits are routed deeply in our lifestyles. The best way to acquire new habits is to leave your comfort zone and do something you have never done before! Give wings to your dream and have an adventure: go on a mountain trip or jump with a parachute. Such extremes are not even necessary; instead you may join some local charity community or a mission, find a new hobby and new friends who inspire you. Find new passion to fill your mind and you will not have time to eat junk!

Adopt new habits

Healthy weight loss is not about some “fad diet” to starve for a week only to return to the same old habits afterwards. It is about changing the whole lifestyle, routines and behaviors. Old habits die hard, but a new good habit may enrich your life in a wonderful way. Integrate at least one or two of these weight loss new ideas in your daily routine and witness the positive changes both in your body and mind!