7 Useful Tips on How to Lose Your Weight and Stay Healthy

7 Useful Tips on How to Lose Your Weight and Stay Healthy

Many people try to lose weight but not all of them succeed.  Or they do succeed but then regain the lost kilos. Sometimes it seems that all attempts are vain and you will never get rid of these ghastly kilos. You are even ready to sacrifice your health and starve for weeks to become slimmer. However, there is no need for self-torture.

Below are seven extremely simple but useful tips on how to lose your weight and stay healthy.

1. Avoid drastic changes

If you are used to eating a lot of high-calorie foods it is not wise to switch to a couple of grapefruits per day all of a sudden.   This is just not going to work. Such a change will be extremely stressful for you both physically and psychologically. Act gradually. First, you should exclude the unhealthiest and most fattening foods. There is no need to give up on all products you like, in most cases you just have to find healthier substitutes for them.

For example, you can replace white bread with whole-grain bread. To satisfy your sweet tooth you can eat sugar-free sorbet instead of ice-cream, or if you can’t do without chocolate prefer the dark one.  After some time you can cut down on other products. It may take up to two months but your body will have time to adapt to your new eating habits.

2. Make a plan

In most cases dieting is a spur-of-the-moment decision. Reviewing your old clothes one day you suddenly find out that your prom dress doesn’t fit you anymore. So you become determined to reclaim your wasp waist and go on a strict diet. But the next day your husband reminds you that it is your wedding anniversary and that he has reserved a table at your favorite restaurant. And that is when your determination vanishes.

Don’t put yourself in a position when you have to struggle with a temptation. Before starting any diet work out a good diet plan. Write down all events that might distract you from your decision including holidays , birthdays or other special occasions. Plan in advance whether you will allow yourself a little retreat on those days. If you are eager to resist any temptation make a backup plan. For example, if you’re going to a birthday party ask the hosts to cook something suitable for you or bring along your own snacks.

It is also very important to plan your daily menu for a couple of weeks ahead and buy products accordingly. This will be especially helpful if the rest of the family keep eating ‘normal’ food. It will be very hard to resist a piece of pizza if there is nothing else in the fridge.

3. Dieting is not the only solution

Many people pay too much attention to their diet forgetting about physical training. While healthy food is very important exercising is necessary too.  This includes not only gym workouts, but also changes in your lifestyle in general.  In other words, walk more, move more, and do sports.

In other words, walk more, move more, and do sports

Park your car a couple of blocks away from your office so you can  walk the distance or get off the bus one station earlier if you use public transport.  Use staircase instead of elevator – it is not that hard to climb 3 or 5 floors. You can even do some stretching or exercising when you watch TV – use the short breaks to burn calories instead of watching commercials.

In any case, don’t forget to adjust your physical activity with your nutrition: if you suddenly increase the former while decreasing the latter you will end up exhausted.

4. Set specific goals

If you decide to ‘lose some weight’ you will hardly succeed because is not clear what should be considered as success. Instead of using such vague phrases you may say that you are going to lose at least five kilos in four months. Or you can promise yourself that you will be able to squeeze in that beautiful dress by summer. Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure your goals are not too difficult to achieve. If you fail you will feel frustrated.  If you succeed it will be a greatmotivation to go further and even to raise the bar.

5. You are not alone

Find a friend who also wants to lose weight. You can go to the gym together, support each other after a hard day and share results.  It is hard to find excuses for not jogging early in the morning if there is friend is already waiting for you outside.

6. Sign up for newsletters

It is extremely helpful to get daily emails on how to lose your weight. First, such newsletters may contain new and useful information. But more importantly, it will be a constant reminder for you about your plans which will help you to keep your determination.

7. Hunger is an enemy, water is a friend

Don’t make yourself starve – it is a common mistake in attempting to lose weight. Firstly, because it will soon get too much for you. Secondly, your body might start storing all calories you eat to make up the losses.

Instead of eating twice or three times a day you should divide your daily ration into 5 or 6 meals.  Start your meal before you feel ravenous hunger. If you are too hungry, you are more likely to overeat. Try to smaller portions.

Drinking a glass of pure water half an hour before each meal will also help you eat less. Water also boosts your metabolism.

You can develop other useful tips which will work for you personally. If you are determined and consistent you are bound to succeed.