27 invisible helpers for “melting” hateful pounds

27 invisible helpers for “melting” hateful pounds

Well, that was our tricks how to lose weight naturally after having a baby. And here are some advices about the alternative to visiting Gym. Young Mothers are too busy to even brush their hair…

1. Sip yourself! 5-10 minutes of sipping in bed after waking up – and 30 calories in minus!

2. Baby is sleeping – we are starting to clean up our nests. Nobody loves it, but 35 minutes of washing windows takes away 250 calories, 30 minutes of a vacuum cleaning – minus 150 calories.

3. 15 minutes of climbing up the stairs steels 150 calories.

4. When the baby is away, do not hide your anger. Tighten your muscles – minus 10 calories per angry session.

5. 10-15 minutes laughing per day will need 50 calories. Laughing makes more than 400 different muscles working!

6. Think! Use your brain! 2 hours of working above the documents takes away 130 calories.

7. Ironing clothes for young mother is the every day routine! During one hour you can lose 130 calories.

8. Drink green tea (if there are no contraindications by pediatrician). 3-5 cups a day – minus 70 calories!

9. Walking with a baby in a stroller will burn 280 calories per hour.

10. If someone has phoned you, do not sit down. Talk on the phone standing, and during the hour you will lose 200 calories.

27 invisible helpers for “melting” hateful pounds

11. Two or three minutes of cool 68 degree-shower will wash off 100-200 calories. To enhance the effect spray the neck, armpit and chest, where big arteries routes.

12. Drink cold water. One liter of cold water per day – minus 60 calories.

13. Most proteins – more consumption of calories for their processing. Eat meat, fish, eggs, if the baby has no allergy.

14. Standing will take to 60 calories more than sitting.

15. Buy a skipping rope! For 15 minutes your can burn 150 calories.

16. If you have elder children – play with them! Children are the best athletes. Catch, hide and seek, jump and you’ll say good-buy to 100 calories every 10 minutes!

17. Carry your child in slings. The extra weight when you are walking is a great way to spend the extra calories.

18. Disassemble old magazines, boxes of clothing and other accumulated values – minus 250 calories per hour.

19. When you eat cold meals, the body requires more calories.

20. Reading a book will burn 220 calories in three hours, riding a bicycle – 700 calories per hour.

21. If you decide to cook the meringue – do it manually. 10 minutes will steel 50 calories.

22. Yoga workout burns 175 calories per hour.

23. When walking, move your hands like when running. Plus 15 percent additional energy costs compared with normal walking.

24. Keep your back straight. Just keeping a level posture will take 50 calories per day from you.

25. Two hours of cooking will burn 250 calories. Try not to eat your result.

26. Finish your meals with apple. Pectin does not allow fats to accumulate inside you.

27. Kiss you her husband! 10 minutes of kisses burns 25 calories. And making love burns up to 200 calories per hour. How pleasant can be losing weight process!

One more important advice of how to lose weight naturally and healthy. Enjoy the maternity, move faster, be cheerful, not to eat after 8 PM and drink more clean water!